Half Way There


Finally ALL 621 photos from the photographer are uploaded to the site. The next task will be getting the photos from the reception up there too. Sorry it took so long. ♥

Rare Treasures


My niece and my husband resting before the reception. 
It always amazes me how much she likes Tim. She only gets to see him a few times a year and her mom hates him. The interactions between them are always the cutest.

There Is No End


170 more pictures went up today and there is no end in sight. Just received the disk from the photographer from the reception a couple of days ago. I don't even want to know how many are on there. 222 left to re-size from the wedding before i start on the ones on that disk. 

So Many Pictures


228 wedding photos up and only 394 more to go. This isn't counting the pictures taken by the guests. i have only received copies from Peter and Paula. I can only get a few up at a time because i have to make them smaller for the website.

Still Not Done


The Reception is over and everything went wonderful! I've finally got pictures from the wedding. I will be getting those up as soon as possible. I got some pictures from the reception up and some being processed, but i am pausing those to work on getting the wedding pictures up. Thank-you All for coming out to wish us well and hopefully you had som

Day Five


We attempted the Magic kingdom today. Tim's stomach wasn't feeling well so we tried tame rides like the pirates of the Caribbean. Jack Sparrow was outside playing with the kids. Tim's stomach was still not feeling well so we tried the jungle river cruise. That didn't help so back to the room for a nap for tim. TV and blog updates for me. The mentalist is a decent tv show, btw. not as good as White collar, but not bad. Commercial are almost continuously reminding me why we don't have cable.

Day Four


We went back to Animal kingdom and had breakfast at Rainforest cafe. after that we went on Kali river rapids which is why there is but one picture for the day. the camera is fine, we decided not to bring the camera with us that morning. the Kilimanjaro Safari Expedition ride was nice, but the heat meant the animals were sleepy and hiding. we took a hint from them and after another ride on the Kali river rapids we retired back to the resort until we went back to animal kingdom for dinner at Rainforest cafe. after diner we wondered downtown disney for about an hour then took a ferry back to the resort. our ferry ride back to the resort would not have been complete without the guy playing the ukulele and singing love songs

Day Three


Off to Hollywood studios for today. we started with star Tours. It has had some updates to the actual ride since I was on it last.  
From there we went to watch Muppet Vision 3d. That has not changed one bit. From there we watched the Indiana Jones stunt spectacular.  After that we went on the tower of terror. We went back to the room for the hottest part of the day and came back during the thunder and rain and went on the tower of terror again. Apparently i cackle on those rides when there are screamers on board.  The great movie ride was the last of the evening. We missed Fantasmic because of the rain. But worth it for the stormy ambiance for the tower of terror.

Day Two


We explored half of the animal kingdom. Dinosaur in dino-land was first followed by expedition Everest in asia.  After that we walked through the jungle and saw some sleepy dragons, tigers, bats and birds. After our trek through dino-land and asia we were hot, sweaty, and hungry. after an early dinner at the boat wrights we decided a dip in the resort pool was a good idea. 

Day One


Breakfast was awesome ending with a chauffeured ride to the airport. Everything about getting here was smooth. no trouble getting through security, the plane was on time, and screaming kids were at a minimum.
after we checked in we were a little hungry so we decided to use a couple snacks off the meal plan. Yes those are the best cheesecakes ever. I got strawberry and tim got hot fudge. 

We wandered around downtown disney and found him playing outside the haagen Dazs. this video does not do him justice. 

It started raining just as we got to Raglan Road for our dinner. Awesome dinner, we both had the salmon of knowledge. Irish music and dancing as we ate. all in all it was a great first afternoon.